Friday, 23 October 2015

Urinary problems

Some of you may think that I am running out of topics to blog about since I have resorted to talk about pee.  On the contrary, the vets at my clinic went to a whole lecture on the stuff earlier this week.  Who would have thought you could talk about such a thing for hours?  While eating supper.  Anyways, the topic was "urological emergencies."  So basically emergencies of the urinary tract.  Something I don't really think about on a daily basis, I take for granted that I go out and do my buisness in the morning without pain or discomfort, little did I realized how lucky I am.  The speaker was an emergency specialist from the Ontario Veterinary College and she talked (among other things) about blocked cats.  Blocked?  That sounds horrible.  This can happen to dogs too but more often to cats, when they just can't pee, usually because small stone or some crystals are stuck in their urethra (the tube that connects the bladder to the outside world).  I know what it feels like when I am just waiting for my mom at the end of the day to hurry up and take me outside and I am dancing around and crossing my little back legs to hold it in.  Imagine how it would feel to not be able to go?  Well apparently there are some simple things we can do to help prevent cats and dogs from suffering from this awful situation!  There are some foods that can help stones and crystals from forming in the first place!  There is a new one for cats that is a weight loss food and a urinary food all in one!  Trouble is overweight cats are more likely to develop urinary problems so Hill's Pet Nutrition decided to combine their Metabolic weight loss diet and their Multicare urinary diet into one - how smart is that?

Here is a picture:

No pictures of me today, I'm afraid.  I took the day off so I am home catching up on my blog and trying to decide what I am going to be for Halloween!  Stay tuned!

xoxo Bailey

Friday, 2 October 2015

New food !

This may be a surprise to some of you given my slim girl-ish figure but I actually love food.  I would be what one would call a self proclaimed foodie.  I mean I have quite discerning taste, and I make a point of keeping my sniffer on the ground to find new and delicious treats.  So you can imagine my excitement when Royal Canin launched their new food with different "aromatic profiles".  What could sound more delicious!  I currently enjoy their Gastro line because my mommy seems to think I have a sensitive tummy.  I guess I should admit that the odd thing I pick up off the ground doesn't exactly sit right.

Then I found out the food is especially for animals with kidney problems.  For real?  I was salivating at the thought of all these new flavours and now I can't be the one to enjoy it.  My mommy says this should make me happy, because it means I have a pair of kidneys working in tip top shape, I suppose I must just live viacariously through my dog and cat friends whose kidneys are suffering from a little wear and tear.

So what does "aromatic profiles" mean?  There are two new dry foods and three new canned foods for both dogs and cats.  And the kibbles even have different shapes just in case certain pets prefer one shape over another.  But they all have very different smells - hence "aromatic profiles."  Ever feel nauseous then get turned off a certain food?  Such is life for our poor friends with kidney disease.  Sometimes they feel nauseous and then they get turned off their special kidney diets.  And what could be worse?  The kidney diets are the most important tool our doctors have for managing thier disease!  This way if a food aversion develops, there are other foods now available that smell totally different.

So here I am checking out the information about the new diets, and a close up of what they look like.  If any of you have new questions about the new foods I am now up to speed so just give a ring and Michelle will put me on the line.

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