Friday, 12 December 2014


Allow me to Introduce Myself!

Well hello there!  For those of you who don't know me, my name is Bailey!  I live in a small town called Hamilton, Ontario.  I think I was born somewhere else far far away (called Vaughn) but this is the only place I can ever call home now.  My human family takes such good care of me that I will never leave.  Ever.  If ever I got lost I would put up posters with my footprint and pictures of my missing family so they could find me wherever I was.  Sometimes I go to the country when my family heads out on a big adventure (I am still trying to decide if I think this is fair...but I won't get into that now).  I guess the country is an adventure for me too.  I can run around and gorge on Goose poop (if you've never tried this stuff I highly recommend it).  The first time my family dropped me off in the country I thought I had lost them!  I ran around in the dirtiest mud I could find trying to get my feet nice and wet and muddy so I could get a nice impression of my pawprint so my family would know I was missing.  But, you guess it, in the end they came back for me.  Of course they did.  Why did I even worry?  I think they were more relieved to see me than I was them!  

But I am getting sidetracked!  Let me get back to the buisness of introducing myself.  I have a very important job.  I don't think I told you that yet.  I am the official Greeter at Mountain Animal Hospital.  I know, I know, that's a pretty impressive job title isn't it?  I mean this is very serious work that I do.  Sometimes people come into my work with their own furry family members who are sick (this makes me VERY VERY sad) but I have to still put on a happy face and a bounce in my step and reassure them that we are here to help them.  Sometimes all they have to do is pat me on the head or rub me behind my ears (oh that's such a good spot) and then they feel calmer.  And that's really important because if they feel calmer, their furry friends feel calmer and then the doctors get a better chance at looking at them and figuring out what is wrong and how to make them feel better!  So you can see how important my job is.  And my family knows it too.  I hear them talking about how I have such a "hard life."  They see that I work hard and need a lot of rest.  I now have two beds behind the front desk at my job.  Sometimes I am so exhausted that I can't make it to the furthest bed so my family kindly added a second one, about a foot closer to the door.  I collapse with absolute physical and emotional exhaustion.  So it makes me feel appreciated that they understand.  They even bring me little snacks and put them in the bed for me when I am too tired to get up and get them myself.  

So here is my set up (pretty nice huh?):

And here is my favorite stuffy in the whole world.  He's always there when I need a hug.

Believe it or not I am actually blogging from home today.  I have the day off!  Some of my family is home from school today so I decided to stay home and keep them company.  This doesn't happen often but when it does I look forward to it.  And it's just about getting time for my morning snack so I should head out and sniff around for it!  Bye for now!

Bailey xoxo